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Due to the fact that someone from the Black Court made a grab for my sister today, we are leaving the mansion. I apologize for this and have made arrangements for a sub for the coming week until more permanent circumstances for my classes are made. We are returning to Spain until further notice.


Sep. 24th, 2009 01:58 pm
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I find myself with a ridiculous amount of time on my hands due to Valentia attending school. I believe this is a bad thing for the rest of you who are taking my classes. Though it should be noted, I am assuming the position as your teacher for international relations as of tomorrow.

I believe you should be aware that reading will be set for the weekend, an assignment the following week.

If you have question, you may apply them here or email me.



Apr. 1st, 2009 11:28 am
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Dancing Queen? By god if this was done by the hand of a Frenchman, we are going to have a long talk, you and I, Jean-Paul. However, I have reason to believe the music has something to do with banishment.

Someone is going to pay. She refuses to turn it off.

More wine?

Mar. 31st, 2009 07:15 pm
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I've corked open a bottle of wine to go with dinner, however now that Valentia is asleep, there is another half that needs to be drunk.

Does anyone care to polish it off with me?
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I am running out of culinary options to feed her. Therefore, I am taking a class. In the meantime, I require suggestions for the challenged where cooking is concerned.

The dying

Mar. 1st, 2009 01:28 pm
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I did not want to be out of bed before nine, however a certain four year old decided she wanted to go play. Are there not door handle mechanisms that keep children inside? Perhaps I should just get her a crate.
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My dry cleaning bill has tripled since my sister has decided that she will change four to five times a day. Sometimes within the same hour. I require the use of the washing machine and I loath to admit, I do not know how to use it. Simply figuring it out requires some patience, which I cannot afford at this very moment.
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I will be going to Silver on Friday and I was interested in knowing who planned to be there.


Jan. 28th, 2009 11:55 am
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Lillian, Valentia and I are going out today to spend some time in the snow, considering most my engagements have been cancelled. You are welcome to join us after lunch. Yes I know. How domestic of me.
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For those of you who were making bets, she is not only related to me, but is my sister. Her name is Valentia de la Rocha and she will be remaining at the mansion with me. It is true that she cannot speak however she does understand Spanish and she is an empath.

The professor has taken measure to make sure she does not project nor absorb. I am sure that her sanity will remain in tact because of that. I am also able to shield against your emotions as well now, therefore I will have significantly less problems dealing with your emotional states.
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I will be staying at The Plaza at Fifth Avenue at Central Park South, until further notice. You may reach me there. I will be checking my email regularly and journals.

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Payback, I suppose, yes?

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For those of us who will not be with family this Christmas (or have none left), I have complied a list of suitable restaurants that will be open should you find youself lazy, lacking a wellestablished cook or company. I will email you the list if you request it here.
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I apologize for my most insincere tactless remarks yesterday.
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I see we are repopulating the mansion, considering the group that went missing and assumed dead. Oh yes, people do talk however their high strung emotions speak volumes lately. I do not suppose it would have been considered priority to start a safety course for the younger generations? It seems self defense is not effective enough.
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While this is not the time to recieve gifts, an anonymous package arrived this morning. Though at first, I thought to question whether or not this is a mockery or a genuine gesture, considering I do not know of anyone that would go to such an extent to purchase a cast sterling silver wolf on an Ebony shaft. The removable sword inside is especially elegant and carefully crafted to the point of being hand sharpened. It has the marks of extensive craftsmenship and considering the exotic wood, it would weather well.

It is time to retire my pharmacutical cane and for that, I thank you. Whoever you are.


Jun. 30th, 2008 10:45 pm
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Spain wins the euro cup and india gets a dent in their population. I'm waiting for the renewed evil to surface.
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And remember children, security has _everything_ under control.
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Nice to see things are as normal as ever.
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