Nov. 23rd, 2005

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I'm going to go take a walk.

I should be back by Sunday later this evening. I find that things around the house are a little unpleasant for me, so I think I'll try to get a little distance. All of you who haven't had your families assassinated enjoy spending time with them.

It's not even my holiday. I don't give a toss what happened to cause this day of thanksgiving. It is absurd to get this angry. Yet here I am, about to go take a walk into the woods and scare the shit out of the people on the ISS again. Assuming they're in orbit over North America.

(For those lacking a sense of humor, I'm really not sure if I can sense the ISS astronauts or not. But when I've got to let it all go, straight up is the direction I send it. Only thing I have to be careful of are passing birds - I've already been shat on once.)
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Since I am having a birthday, I think I'm going to call a cab, go find a bar, and drink until I like all the family love in the air.

That sounds like a plan. I'm proud to be a part of it.

Then the cabbie will drop me off at the front gate, and if I'm lucky I'll find my way back up to my room to pass out in peace.

That sounds very nice. I'll spend all of Thanksgiving with a hangover - or, more likely, finding some place that's open and hammering what braincells I have left.


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