Apr. 5th, 2008 08:08 am
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Good morning or evening, depending on when you read this.

I am Manuel de la Rocha (as some of you know) and yes, I do live and have returned. Please, for those who know me, spare me your animosity. I am here to _recover_. Not to fight. For those who don't know me, the invitation is there should you desire a meeting. Please give me some advance notice before you 'drop in'. Thank you.

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From: de la Rocha, Manuel
To: Dane, Lorna; Dayspring, Nathan
Subject: You don't even bother to hide it anymore, do you?

Well, all I have to do is hang on for another week and a half. Just that long. You should both feel priviledged - I talked to the Headmaster, who completely dismissed my case. Your power and priviledge overcome any objection.

Feel free to beat any student you like. The administration will say nothing. Nathan, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to being shoved into seats, tripped, having doors slammed in my face, my mind scanned. I'm sure Lorna would just love to rip my hemoglobin out, or perhaps just fry my hand in a pan. Fair is fair, after all.

And they call _me_ the monster.

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What a _strange_ week it's been.

If anyone needs me - too bad. You won't find me, because I won't be here and I _really_ don't want to be found. Not right now, not with everything going on.

I find myself disinclined to spend any more time under the same roof as the womanthing who broke me and my father's killer. I ... I just can't.

Charles - I am of my majority now, even here in America. I believe it is time to discuss my departure from all of this. Assassins, vampires, broken hearts that will never mind, all the best of me given and spurned, links, life, death, sex, empathy - it's all just _too much_. I'll take my chances in Spain, or find alternative arrangements here.

Manuel de la Rocha
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Since I am having a birthday, I think I'm going to call a cab, go find a bar, and drink until I like all the family love in the air.

That sounds like a plan. I'm proud to be a part of it.

Then the cabbie will drop me off at the front gate, and if I'm lucky I'll find my way back up to my room to pass out in peace.

That sounds very nice. I'll spend all of Thanksgiving with a hangover - or, more likely, finding some place that's open and hammering what braincells I have left.
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I'm going to go take a walk.

I should be back by Sunday later this evening. I find that things around the house are a little unpleasant for me, so I think I'll try to get a little distance. All of you who haven't had your families assassinated enjoy spending time with them.

It's not even my holiday. I don't give a toss what happened to cause this day of thanksgiving. It is absurd to get this angry. Yet here I am, about to go take a walk into the woods and scare the shit out of the people on the ISS again. Assuming they're in orbit over North America.

(For those lacking a sense of humor, I'm really not sure if I can sense the ISS astronauts or not. But when I've got to let it all go, straight up is the direction I send it. Only thing I have to be careful of are passing birds - I've already been shat on once.)
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Who would like to go out for a karaoke night?

Be a good way to unwind, relieve some of all this stress that's giving me headaches. And let's face it, we could _all_ use some fun-time in our lives, especially of late.

Personally, I could use _anything_ that would let me push recent events to the back of my mind. I'm at serious danger here of turning into a Goth at this rate.

He's gone.

Oct. 12th, 2005 07:07 pm
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I was on my way down to Medical, to see if I could get any final instructions before I was escorted to my appointment with the vet to look at Frank. He was on my shoulder, like he usually does when we go out, when I felt somebody grabbing at my body, grabbing at my very life, sucking it away.

I've felt that before. While I was in the bath, months ago. When Rack used my empathic link to Amanda to try to siphon away my life from me.

I'm fine. A little dizzy, but I'm fine. But when I picked myself up off the ground, I saw that Frank ...

Frank didn't make it.

Whatever lifedrain there was was only strong enough to knock me down, but it was strong enough to snuff him out like a candle. The fall didn't get him - there's no obvious damage that I can see.

I felt him die. He didn't have much as far as emotions or a brain went, but I felt it wink out, snuffed like a candle.

I suppose I won't be needing that escort to the vet any more.

I think we all know who did this. There is only one person in the entire Mansion who possibly could.

Like father, like daughter, I suppose.

I'll bury him in the Rose Garden. I think I know the perfect spot.
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Going song-for-song, sans warmup, with someone who has sonic powers is a really, really dumb idea.

Well, it was a great time, but still - dumb idea. My throat feels like I've been gargling razorblades.

But at least the last of my late lamented father's final gift to me was spent in good company having a good time.

Ugh. Back to babying my throat for another day or so.


Sep. 21st, 2005 07:18 pm
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Disturbed's new album Ten Thousand Fists _rocks_.

That is all.

PS -

You were bold and strong, and ready to begin your life
All for nothing, you were sacrificed
You began alone, and so it will be when you die
All for nothing, will you be remembered?
You did decide

Guarding yourself from the love of another
Left you with nothing tonight
So now you know why the Devil is laughing
He left you with nothing tonight
You did decide.
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Proving a point is good. Making an example is good. Understanding - that's very good.

Partial paralysis?


Anyone needs me, I've got a large degree of frustration to work out. I'll be in the Gym.

At least maybe now there will be _one_ person who can understand. In a way. Maybe. Assuming he ever speaks to me again.


Aug. 31st, 2005 09:56 pm
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Is exotic body-art a new hobby around here?

I saw the decorations Ms Blaire was sporting. Very retro, very ugly. If you're going to do body-mod, at least have the good grace to do it _right_, hmm? Or maybe she's trying to set a glam trend!

Regardless, they're ugly. Hideously ugly. I mean, really. Claw-marks? Passe. Definitely passe. Unless mauled-by-a-bear is the new In Thing?
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Hate is an ugly emotion. Hate is a burning black ball that lives inside of you, slowly growing until it consumes you and you become nothing but hate itself. Then you move to a secluded wood and live in a big gingerbread house where you try to lure lost children into your oven. Your skin turns green and you send nasty, smelly flying monkeys after innocent girls who are just trying to get back to Kansas. You make fur coats out of puppies. Yes, hate is bad. Hate leads to fear which leads to anger which leads to you getting your limbs severed by Ewan McGregor and the emperor turning you into Darth Stumpy.
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I decide to get academically ambitious and try to cram three courses into my summer?


The work's not all that hard, and it's all stuff I like, but I am working myself ragged here to try to catch up. I want to graduate and move on, not sit back here and take English for Idiots and Foreigners. Again.

At least Microeconomics is interesting. It's all interconnected. Which leads me to my Finance course, which leads me smack into my Business Math course.

It's funny how someone in-tune with emotion like I am is taking the driest and dustiest and non-passionate courses I could find...
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I'll spare you all and put this under a cut.

An exercise for invalids and shut-ins. )

Man, the things I come up with when I can't sleep...
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I'll be trying to staunch this nosebleed that I've had since last night. I'm running out of gauze.

Damn, I've been having some real brain-mushing nightmares. Did not sleep well last night. Anyone want to hazard a guess why I'm dreaming of blondes and swords and evil?

All right!

Jul. 1st, 2005 08:56 am
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Who turned my girlfriend into a crack-crazed ferret?

Strike that. Who turned MOST OF YOU into crack-crazed ferrets? Was somebody handing out party favors behind my back or something?

Sheesh. Yanked me right out of my well-deserved sleep!
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Bugger the studying, bugger everything else.

I am going to lay outside. On a blanket. With a pitcher of cool drinks. And not much at all for covering. And all I am going to do today is soak up some sun.

The sun and I haven't gotten along like we should lately. I'm getting dreadfully pale.

Marie-Ange, if you and the new girl would like to go out later today for coffee, let me know. For that, I will get dressed and be presentable.

Ahhhh, the sun.


Green Day

Jun. 6th, 2005 10:38 pm
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Well, I think I've stopped wanting to gouge my own eyes out now. I'm a tetrachromat. Possibly the _only_ male tetrachromat in existance. I know Alison is one as well.

I'm glad Miles is feeling better, and that everyone went through such lengths to make it happen. I - couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm still not sure why, and I'll talk to both Dr Samson and Professor Xavier about it. Another in a long line of failures, I think.

I don't think I've ever seen quite so many shades of green before in my life. And given that I am who I am, green has many, many connotations.

Remember the old saw about jealousy coming in the color of jade? They're right. Greens also tend to indicate steadier emotions. But not always - jealousy's hardly a stable emotion, and it's quite green. But green can also be loyalty, or sick envy (you'd be amazed how related those two are - envy and loyalty), or any one of a host of things. I don't have the words, or the experience to be able to describe them more.

I don't even know why I'm posting this where everyone can see it. There are perhaps three people who have seen what I see, and who know what I am talking about.

Sometimes I like to blather on about my power.

I'll shut up now. I know that it's probably very dull.

All right.

May. 22nd, 2005 07:15 pm
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I now have a much better grip on myself and upon circumstances today.

When you people get all worked up, you people get _all worked up_. Had to take off for a bit before I did anything _really_ drastic. But the stress levels have dropped significantly around here, back down to tolerable levels.

I can deal.

Thanks to Mr Summers for dealing with his own shit, and to him and Amanda for helping me deal with mine. Finals are always stressful, and if I devote enough of my concentration to making a thick-enough shield so that I can block you lot out, it reduces me to the intelligence of a sea-slug. And I'm actually giving a shit this semester, so I can't just blow off the work to keep myself sane.

Let's see if we can keep things on a fairly low boil until the semester's over, now, shall we?

EDIT: Amanda's enrolled me in a DJing contest at one of the local clubs. I know you lot would probably much rather see me bleed out slowly than see me perform, but assuming I make it past the prelims, it would help my confidence and my faith in my classmates to see a few of you there...

SON OF EDIT: Well, after spending much of my day in consultation with Charles, I may or may not be performing at the club contest after all. He believes, and I am forced to concur, that threatening to sanitize everyone's emotions to my liking tends to, as he puts it, be disinclined to acquiesce to my requests for a public outing. I've got some hard work to do to earn the priviledge of going out and competing. I also have a homework assignment - to write a short paper on passive aggression and how to avoid it. *sighs*
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I'm having a party today! And you're all invited!

Today is a Very Special Day, after all. Would you like to know why?

I think I'll tell you why!

Four thousand years of familial history ended today. A line that stretched back all the way to the Caesears, broken. A despicable and miserable little man got exactly what he deserved in life.

That despicable and miserable little man was, of course, my own father progenitor.

So let's party! The de la Rocha line is ended, the threat has passed, the end is nigh! You won't have to worry anymore. You can all sleep a little better at night, breathe a little easier. The boogeyman won't be there to snatch you away any more! He won't be there to give shelter to the Rom any more, or pass money, food, and weapons to the embittered indigenous and/or oppressed peoples of the world. So sorry, Basques, you'll just have to be wiped off the map now! So come on, let's sit Seder and remember the old bastard the way he was meant to be remembered! With invective and curses upon him to the end of time! There won't be any more de la Rochas to despoil your daughters, your nieces, your sisters, your girlfriends, or your wives!

So who's with me? We'll have cake and cookies and punch!

What's this, you say? I'm a de la Rocha, so the line can't be broken?

BZZT! Wrong! Thanks for playing, though!

See, he cast me out. Threw me away, made me into people just like you! I may still call myself a de la Rocha, but I'm not. I should pick a new name now, I suppose. Anyone have any suggestions?

I'll see you all in the Box!
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